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Books are the best Mural decorations

Believing that a library is the central element in the design of an elementary school, our school library provides barrier-free access for all students.

  • It is placed in proximity to the staircase in the central area of the school to facilitate the most.
  • Our Library is in a location that gives the possibility of future expansion into surrounding areas to accommodate a changing information environment and facilitate good visibility and flexible room arrangements.
  • The space provides an appealing environment that is age-appropriate for students and complements the instructional program.
  • Books are placed in sections considering easy access for all groups and subjects from science to fiction, records to facts and documentaries to journals are in abundance.
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Primary Section Picnic on 14 Jan. 2011 to Pali Beach Resort

Annual Sports for Secondary section on 20 Jan. 2011

Picnic for Std. VIII , IX , XI & XII to Essel World on 21 Jan. 2011
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