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Unwashed Memories - Bliss to the soul

HAHS believes in preserving the memories of the diamonds of the school and their contribution to the fame of our school cannot be neglected. They will always remain an invincible asset to us.

On the occasion of Silver Jubilee anniversary of my Holy Angel's High School, I would like to congratulate our Principal, the teaching staff, non-teaching staff and give them credit in making this temple of knowledge renowned for academic excellence and discipline. School is known for educating and shaping careers of many Doctors, Engineers, CAS, MBAS, sport person , etc. Our 'GURUS' have immensely helped in the overall development of we 'SHISHYAS' into a confident, honest and responsible citizen. One might easily forget the praise but not those who made one praise worthy. One who gave you a free meal can vanish from our memory but not the one who taught to earn it with efforts and self respect. Maybe one forgets his struggle for success but not the teachers whose encouragement kept one going. Rewards received for qualities and characters might get lost but not the ons who helped framing it. Then how can I forget my school teachers who blessed me with all the above things. This School has seen me grow up from a toddler to a doctor today!!!!!!! I will always be indebted to everyone there for laying the foundation of my devotion for knowledge, courage, patriotism, also integrity and discipline in life. Wherever I go, whatever I will be in future, I will always be there to serve my school and make you all proud of my achievements. I am really grateful to this school for giving me the best teachers, mentors, and friends for lifetime........

Dr. Honey Savla

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